Surprise Me Slay Stacks

Mommy Slays

$40.00 - $80.00
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This is an unbelievably crazy yet super fun deal. Love everything you see on the site and don't know where to begin. Start here! Get a box filled with goodies from previous collections. 


Get 2 -3 slaystacks for the the price of one. Yes, 2-3 randomly designed slay stacks for the price of one 



Everything is randomly selected 

Must trust the designer 

If you are looking for something specific please do not select this offer instead order custom 

Designer will use what she has in her stash to create/pick. 


You can mention your likes and dislikes below. Also, your vibe (class, chic, trendy, retro, afrocentric, boho, glam,etc)  


If the note section is blank then we believe you are giving us free rein