The Everyday Slay Lifestyle Planner (digital)

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All About This Planner:

Slay the day with The Everyday Slay Lifestyle Planner. Our new 2021 lifestyle planner will help you tackle overwhelm. This planner provides you with the tools needed to have a more balanced life because it doesn’t just cover your daily to do lists and work meetings like the traditional planner. It holistically focuses on you as an individual to get you on track to living a more fulfilled life. Some of the features include but are not limited to: travel, beauty, and new recipes to try. Additionally, it holds you accountable to your personal goals with features like the savings and book tracker. A brand new feature this year is a healing crystal of the month and a section to keep track of your stones too. 

This planner gives you the opportunity to start your week with a positive affirmation as well. Whether you are tired of feeling burnt-out, always forgetting something, or feel as though you are losing yourself this planner was created for you. If you are ready to truly slay your life in style then click the link below. It is now available for instant download. Right after purchase, you will be able to download and print it. Click below to get it.


This is a downloadable product. You will receive download right after purchase. Nothing will be shipped to you if you order the digital version. 


Assembly instructions:

Download and print. 

You can assemble this planner by hole punching it and adding it in a binder 

You can also have it printed and professionally binded. 

You can bind it yourself if you have access to a binding machine or cinching tool. 

Please feel free to put pages in an order that works for you. 

To save on printing, we suggest you print double sided (excluding cover print cover on one side) 

The monthy spread should flow when you open the book planner so make sure of this before binding. 

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