Tasty Tuesday: Unsloppy Joes

Before I got put onto un-sloppy Joes, one of my favorite school lunches was sloppy Joes. Now there weren’t many school lunches that I found desirable and sloppy Joes wasn’t something that was cooked at home. My hubby taught me how to make them when we started dating.

My Love for Unsloppy Joes:

A couple of years ago I saw a video about unsloppy Joes and since then I have been hooked. Don’t sleep on Pillsbury recipes either. Its a quick simple family favorite in my home. All you need is a few ingredients.



Slay Tips

  • Our favorite sloppy joe sauce is by Hunt’s Manwich┬á
  • We’ve tried it with cheese and without and love it both ways
  • Don’t be afraid to add additional ingredients like carrots or your favorite veggie(s).
  • Enjoy and remember to practice safe cooking

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