Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Potato Lasagna

Now I found out about this recipe being nosey. I was at a women’s conference and these two ladies sitting beside me are vegan, but once I heard sweet potato lasagna I had to go home and investigate.


A Healthier Version of Lasagna That’s Banging

Omg this recipe is delicious and the perfect substitute for lasagna lovers like myself. You substitute the pasta with sweet potatoes. Did you know that sweet potatoes were glutten free? I didn’t! Its much more nutritious than pasta. Its so yummy and easy to make.


Watch the video:

Take notes


  • Purchase the mandoline slicer if you can its a life saver I despise peeling. Plus it makes the sliced nice and thin the thinner the easier to bake
  • Use a cheese that you love. I am not a fan of mozerella so I’ve played around with this recipe and muenser cheese is my fave
  • You can make this recipe meatless or cheese-less. I’ve made it without cheese for my hubby.
  • Cover the pan so your cheese doesn’t dry up
  • I use Classico spaghetti sauce its my favorite
  • As always add seasoning to your liking and enjoy
  • Remember to keep sharp objects away from the babies and be careful when cooking period

Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried this recipe before of if you will be trying it?