Tasty Tuesday: Why You Aren’t Getting A Recipe This Week

It’s Tasty Tuesday and I don’t have a recipe for you today lol. Sorry my plate is empty ya’ll.


Here’s the deal I don’t have a recipe because, I don’t really consider myself a cook, so far I shared with you dishes I have mastered. My family faves, but I want to play around with more recipes. I will never share a recipe that I don’t like and haven’t mastered, so give me a few weeks to play around with some more things. I definitely want to add some sweets and new drinks to the mix like peach lemonade and Chikfilet frozen lemonade.


Also, right now I am working on getting back to meal prepping. I’m working on a lot of projects and you know projects and hunger don’t mix so to keep everyone happy and full including myself I am going to try to get better with meal prepping. I really think this will help since myself and my husband have two completely different taste buds and he can eat the same old dishes week after week.


Please comment below and let me know if you have any meal prep tips.

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