Smell Goods Make Me Feel Good

Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite places to go when in the mall. Omg the lovely scents just lure me in. In my previous post titled Getting Back to Happy, I talked about how smell goods make me feel good.

Bath and Body Works Haul

So I did a haul on some scents that I recently stashed up in a sale. Check it out.

Watch the video below to find out my favorite scent and the trick I use to have it linger in my house for a long time. Plus some new scents I tried. When shopping online don’t forget to take advanatage of getting cash back for your bath and body works through using ebates. When you sign up with my link we both get $5 cash back after your first purchase. Click here to sign up for ebates.


Now back to the smell goods… check out the haul. Be sure to comment below and tell me your favorite scents.