Shoeicide Saturday: I’m a Sucker for Denim

I can’t help it y’all I’m a sucker for denim. For this Shoecide Saturday I’m rocking some denim over the knee boots from Rainbow.


Lately the temperature has been frigid in CT. In this get up I’m wearing two pairs of pants but with these over the knee boots I felt nice and warm with the third layer.


Outfit Deets:

Now let’s talk about this fit. I’m rocking black distressed jeans and black leggings underneath (both from forever21), hat and tee from local Maneuvers’ company cause your girl loves unique clothes and loves supporting black business owners as well. Go check out Maneuvers. I was gifted the shirt and hat by my bestie and I think it went perfect with my over the knee boots from Rainbow.


Clearly I’m obsessed with denim and over the knees. What’s your obsession this season? Comment below. I want to hear from you!