About Us

Mommy slays is a movement for moms, moms to be and aspiring moms. It was created to build a sisterhood on combating the challenges we face and growing together.

About Yondel

Yondel believes in embracing motherhood and marriage but not losing yourself through the transition. She decided to start this blog the day she was diagnosed with postpartum depression because she knew it was time to tell her story and connect with like-minded moms and women across the globe. Yondel feels in 2017 women shouldn’t have to hide behind their problems nor should they be told to be kept quiet about the not so pretty aspects of life. She believes that you have to help in order to heal. She wants to tackle the disparity among women’s health all while providing a space to let women comfortably connect to discuss taboo topics like miscarriages, depression, and self-esteem issues all while taking you through her journey of motherhood. Dealing with not so pretty topics with grace and style. Watch her slay …


Mommy Mission

The Mission Behind Mommy Slays:

The purpose of Mommy Slays is to let moms, future moms and anyone that desires to be a mom to know that they are not alone. This is a safe place to talk about topics that are often overlooked and no one really preps us for. Its mission is to help women embrace their true beings and know that they are not alone conquering the world while finding themselves.

This blog is to let women know that they are not alone when it comes to dealing with difficult topics like miscarriage, mental health, marriage problems and perfectionism.

  • To provide helpful tips for moms to be, future moms and moms in general
  • To inspire women to be their authentic selves  
  • To tackle women’s health topics that are not commonly discussed 
  • To share informational content through real life experiences
  • To inspire women to achieve their goals while being their authentic selves
  • To provide beauty and fashion finds