Read This Before You Judge What Toya Wright Named Her Baby

When Toya Wright dropped hints that she would name her baby Reignbeux the internet streets came for her one by one. People told her the name was ghetto.

Celebrities tend to come up with uncommon names for their children, but to get angry over a name is crazy.


People told her to change the name. This world can be so cruel.

Toya didn’t confirm or deny that would be the baby’s name but honestly it’s not society’s place to tell a mother what she should or shouldn’t name her child.


Toya birthed a beautiful baby girl on February 8, 2018.  She ended up naming her Reign Ryan Rushing

When looking at Toya’s Instagram pic it clicked to me.

First, I peeped the socks.

Second, I saw her hash tag #myreignbeux

Third,  I saw Tiny’s comment stating that they had been waiting so long for this baby which I felt had a deeper meaning than 9 mos.


Instantly, I realized that this possibly was Toya’s rainbow baby and it gave the name such a deeper meaning.


A rainbow baby aka miracle baby is a child after a pregnancy loss because typically after rainbow comes after a storm.

Not only is the nickname unique but its meaningful, so stop being judgmental. I am truly happy for Toya.

Why do I know this? I am a rainbow mom. I have two rainbow babies.



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