Mommy Mondays: Old Holiday Traditions or New Ones

My family goes all out for Christmas. Lately, I have been torn: do I celebrate old traditions or start my own new ones?

On Christmas, we gather at my parents house and open gifts one by one in front of each other. My parents enjoy this especially my mom. My mom goes all out and makes three different Guyanese dishes. First, pepperpot for my sisters and anyone else that stops by. Second, garlic beef for me because I cannot stand pepperpot and third fish stew for my dad because he doesn’t eat meat. We eat first then open gifts after. All while listening to Mariah Carey, Stephanie Mills, Boys II Men and Nat Cole holiday music in the background. This has been the norm, but now that I have my own little gang I’ve been overwhelmed with making the decision as to whether or not to start my own holiday tradition.

To Stay

So a part of me wants to just stay.  Let my sons enjoy their cousins, aunts and grandparents and not change anything at all.  I want to continue to build good memories. Why mess up something that’s almost perfect? Also, I don’t want to be the one that ruins it for everyone. The people pleaser in me just wants to keep everyone happy.

Or Not

My initial thought was to not go to my parents anymore. To drop off the gifts in advance but do our own thing at home. Then I can’t get over the look of disappointment on my parent’s face.  The rebel in me/ creative chick wants a switch it up a bit though.

What I Finally decided

For weeks I have been having anxiety over this. When I think about it both of my parents and all of my sibblings are festive people. My husband not so much. Though he does go with the flow and loves my family. I know holidays just aren’t his thing and I don’t want to force him, yet I want my kids to experience the joy.

I decided to continue to enjoy these memories with my whole family. I decided not to be a holiday snatcher. I decided that Christmas is my parent’s holiday. I will claim Easter. Last year I started some traditions with my eldest that I want to continue. I made holiday Easter baskets and did an Easter egg hunt. I thought to myself this would be fun if we had family and friends to partake. So family Easter is mine and if you try to snatch it we are fighting.


What are your family holiday traditions? Did they change when you had kids? Why/Why not. I’d love to hear from you below?