Do you feel like you are losing yourself as a mom and could use some help? Your days are super busy and overwhelming. You have no time whatsoever for yourself much less to run your business efficiently? Are you sick and tired of people mom shaming you telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Are you looking for a drama free environment where you can connect with like minded moms and have a space where you don’t feel judged and can gain the confidence to slay the world of motherhood and life period?

Then this Mommy Slays Membership is for you! Continue reading to see why you can’t miss out on becoming a member today.

Why We Created This Membership

There needs to a be a positive space for moms. Women are powerful when they build together. I want to create a space to help you grow.


What You’ll Get

  • A drama free environment
  • A mom tribe of empowering women
  • Expert Sessions on (Business, Mindset, Wellness, Health, Parenting and more)
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Challenges
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Tips
  • Open Forum
  • Slay Sessions
  • Empower hours


Pretty much an all in one safe virtual getaway to get real on motherhood with an opportunity to collaborate and grow.


Who Its Not For:

  1. Judgmental Moms
  2. Moms That Have It All Together

Why You Should Rock With Me 

I have been in business for 9 years. I am not new to this. I see too many mothers out here losing themselves and not following their dreams because they don’t have the support and resources that they need to push through. Now I have tons of resources that I want to share with you. The world needs the best version of you and it cannot have that if you are out here constantly running on E. Let me help you stop running on E and feeling overwhelmed ALL the time. I am a certified teacher so trust me the masterclasses will be educational, informative and fun. Also, since I am a mom like yourself the business experts will be beneficial to you as well and you will vote on the expert topics so its something that you can actually use.


So I know you’re wondering okay, as though I don’t have enough bills between diapers and groceries, how much will this cost me. Girl, its going to cost you less than a good pair shoes. It will be $37.00 a month which is a bargain and you know we love those.  Its a steal because you are getting ongoing support, expert advice, access to live trainings and so much more. This memberships is worth thousands of dollars but I am making it easily available to you for just $37 and if you purchase it annually you can save $44 dollars that equivalent to one free month at $440 a year.


If you are ready to join our mom membership then click the subscribe link below to get started! I can’t wait to slay with you. Membership begins on Monday March 19th.