Welcome To Mommy Slays

You are here because I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and I refuse for my story to be told by anyone other than myself.

Turning Something Negative Into Something Positive

Based on what we know about postpartum depression, the story ends tragically, but not mine. This blog is about kicking life in butt verses life kicking us in the butt. What does that look like?  Conquering obstacles and being able to be transparent about it.

The day I got diagnosed with postpartum depression is the day that I decided to launch this blog. This concept has been on my mind for over a year now, but I was too caught up on what other’s would think. I started to feel trapped in my hair brand because I wanted to talk about things other than hair but didn’t want to confuse my readers. I wanted to talk about my life as a mom, wife, friend and trying to balance it all.

Well the day I was diagnosed with postpartum was the day, I remembered I had a story to tell. The thing is deep down I knew I had postpartum depression. My “baby blues” was going on for far too long. What’s considered baby blues had gone on for weeks not days. Plus this wasn’t my first round with PD, I experienced it after my second miscarriage and pretty much combated it alone and it was pure torture. This time around, I didn’t have an appetite.

I was overtly sensitive.

I would cry constantly and simply wasn’t happy and nothing would make me happy.

I wasn’t feeling like myself.

I felt like there was nothing to look forward to and quite honestly…

I thought life would be better for my family with me not in the picture.

I felt unfulfilled.

My Outlook…

When the doctor diagnosed me I actually felt a bit relieved that there was a medical explanation for my feelings. Within seconds of being diagnosed, I was asked if I wanted meds. I didn’t want meds, but I knew I wanted to feel better. The only thing that I thought would help was therapy and writing. I needed an outlet to tell my story.  As a woman, I am beyond fed up of with life being sugar-coated. I am fed up with us wanting to live in a picture perfect society that lacks depth. I’m fed up with females constantly attacking each other instead of building each other and most importantly, I am fed up of us living in pain in secrecy feeling like we don’t have a support system when in reality there’s so many other women that have been there and got through it. That’s what mommy slays is about building a sisterhood on slaying real female topics like love, wellness, friendships, womanhood, mommyhood, beauty, fashion and more.

I have a story to tell. So welcome and watch me slay life at all angles. Look out for new posts every Monday.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Mommy Slays

  1. Your story is amazing. I am happy that we are able to cross paths. It’s inspiring that you did not allow your postpartum depression defeat you. From this post you are showing other women that we don’t have to severe in silence . Also, that depression can be defeated as long as were proactive in fighting it.

    1. I’m so glad that we crossed paths as well. Thank you so much. That’s right now more suffering in silence. We go through a lot. Might as well go through it and get through it together.

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