Getting Back to Happy


I feel like I am on the road back to happiness. The best way to describe it is that I am on an Eat, Pray, Love type of journey minus the divorce, yet I am rekindling things with my husband. It took me a while to realize that happiness is a choice, but what many don’t realize is that depression isn’t.  I realized self care is major when it comes to my getting back to happy journey.

1. Self Care is The Best Care

When I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of others. I’m slowly learning my triggers. If i am overwhelmed, then my anxiety is on an all time high and I don’t feel good about myself. And you guessed it poor self care equates to anxiety and depression for me. Being diagnosed with postpartum depression, I am doing everything I can to be more cognizant of these triggers and prevent them. With that being said…self care is truly the best care.

2. Bubble Baths Make Me Feel Better

A nice hot bath gets me through it. I love taking a nice hot bath, with a candle or low light on and relaxing music. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day and squeeze in some me time. They literally make me feel better. I add epson salts and with Dove or Bath and Body Works in the tub and I am in heaven. I say they literally make me feel better because I have experienced pains or tension headaches and after bathing the pain is gone just like magic.

3. Smell Goods Make Me Feel Good

I love Bath and Body Works. Their scents are my fave. I love their candles. You can check back later for a post on my top favorite candles, but I also love their body washes and lotions. Its crazy how good scents can change your mood. When the house smells good, I feel good. My wallflowers and candles from Bath and Body Works does the trick. Also, showering and spraying my body in lovely aromas lifts my spirits too.

4. Daily Inspiration Is A Must

This one I frequently forget, but listening to inspirational podcasts help me through some of my toughest times or make me view things from a more positive angle. Currently, I listen to Joel Osteen’s podcast on the regular, but I don’t listen to it enough. I need to embed it  in my daily routine cause it sets the tone for me.

5. Dance Sessions Are Everything

Growing up in my parents house, if my mom was playing Diana Ross it was going to be a good day. On Saturdays we would jam to lady diana, dance our pants off and clean the house from top to bottom. I enjoy blasting the music and having full blown dance sessions whether its solo or with my 3 year old (he loves it by the way). I dance to oldies like Whitney – I want to dance with some body and anything else. Music makes me happy. Plus its a good workout session when I don’t even realize I’m physically working out because I am having so much fine.

6. When I Look Good I Feel Good

I truly enjoy dressing up. Not getting up to go to work makes this hard, but who said stay at home moms can’t slay. I try to dress up frequently. As a young teacher, I always felt limited, I wanted to keep it extremely professional. Welp now that I am my own boss, I dress to go to the home office and get to play around with trends and be bold. It truly makes me feel great and I notice, I get a lot more accomplished when I dress up.

7. Date Nights With Hubby 

I enjoy spending quality time with my hubby. When you have a kids it can be a challenge to spend time with your significant other but its crucial. We have made it our priority to go out on dates. Recently we went to a Jon B, Joe, Eric Benet and Toni Tony Tone concert at Foxwoods Casino and it was amazing. Also, sometimes the best dates are in the house when the kids are asleep. I love having candlelit dinners with my husband at wee hours in the morning . Its nice to speak and reconnect with your other half. Also, its nice to speak to someone older than the age of 3.

8. Going for Quick Walks

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air to clear your head. When I am overwhelmed a walk definitely helps. With the winter on the brink and dropping temps this has been a challenge but I am determined to figure something out. Maybe walking in the mall? I’ll keep you posted on that.

9.  Meeting up With My Girls

I seriously look forward to spending time with my girlfriends its a must. I love my small clique. We’ve been friends since elementary and middle school. Its all about positivity too. My girlfriends keep me going in more ways than one. I’m not sure they realize the significant role they play in my life and when we can’t meet up we are chatting it up via text. With the text department sometimes I feel like I need to fall back cause they are at work and I am home.

10. Doing Things That I am Passionate About

I am a DIY type of person. I enjoy crafts. When I am crafting or creating a project with my son, I am truly in my element. I just went to Hobby Lobby for the first time and I felt like I was in heaven LOL. I’m also passionate about hair. so I love playing around and trying new styles via my hair business Queens of Wigs. Sometimes we forget to have fun.


I’m curious to know what helps you with depression and anxiety?

13 thoughts on “Getting Back to Happy

  1. I agree with you, self care is truly the best care. But, it took me years to actually take care of myself instead of always giving 100% of my energy to others. What has helped me with my depression and anxiety first started with me speaking up about it, and getting professional help to treat it. Then, I found that creating a blog and developing a new passion for the things I stop doing have made me joyful such as returning to YouTube, and spending more time with family and friend’s. I take on day at a time, reading the bible helps, listening to music, meditation and all the things you mentioned above keeps my mind positive as well.

    1. Teliah, I’m so glad you mentioned therapy it is a game changer that many people overlook or avoid. Yes, that’s the purpose behind this blog as well, I needed an outlet. I need to get into meditation. My mind is constantly racing.

  2. For a while, I stopped doing things that made me happy. As women, we tend to sacrifice so much of ourselves to others but we forget to sacrifice for our own sakes. Sometimes being selfish and taking me-time is the way to go! I’m slowly getting there but it does feel good when the house is quiet and I can enjoy a nice bath and watch a good movie for a few hours.

  3. I’m just getting back to my normal self after having my baby 4 months ago. I love designing.. it’s relaxing to me. I would to start doing some dance classes being that I was a dancer in high school.. I love dancing. Also unfortunately I can’t go to bath and body works to get my favorite smell goods because my baby has eczema. But I need to check the candles out for some reason I’ve never thought about buying g candles from there.

    1. My baby will be three months on the 7th of December and it feels like I just had him. Time sure flies by doesn’t it. Yes, you should definitely do dance classes if you want to. Yes wig designing definitely puts me back in a happy place (how could I forget to add that to the list lol). No worries when I find something ecxzema safe, I will be sure to share on the blog. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Do come again.

  4. Smell goods are the KEY to me for feeling good! It’s something about a certain scent that change my mood from bad to good or even great! So I constantly stock up on candles and wallflowers from Bath and Body Works because after a stressful day at the office their scents change my mood! Great post, it’s the little things that keep us sane!

    1. Yes! That’s my favorite store to go to in the mall. The lovely scents just draw me in and I LOVE their sales and using my ebates to get cash back too. You’re going to love my next post. Thanks for commenting girl!

  5. It took me awhile to realize how important self care is. I feel rejuvenated after I do something for myself. I wish more women would have been honest about their journey to motherhood. This blog will definitely help more women. Good job!!

    1. It took me a minute as well. My husband is the one who noticed that I was a brand new person after having some me time. Whenever he senses I’m stressed he tries to kick me out lol. I feel the same, womanhood is so sugarcoated. Its rewarding, yet hard as ever. I guess its hard for people to be honest in a society that has told them to keep quiet, but you know me, I’m an open book, no more sugarcoating over here. Thanks for the blog love boo.

  6. I love #5! I was recently gifted a Whitney Houston(Greatest Hits) CD and I danced the morning away with my daughter! It made me feel so good! I’m glad you are finding happy. One more smile is the world is just what we need! Thank for sharing

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Please don’t be a stranger. Don’t you just love her music? I know you and your daughter had a blast.

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