Before You Come for Kylie Jenner …

New Mom Kylie Jenner:

Everyone has an opinion on Kylie Jenner being a mom at twenty. Yes, I know Kylie is 20 and I know that technically the brain isn’t fully developed until you are 25, but can we stop acting like Kylie is a baby.

Be real for a minute, didn’t Kylie have her own place by 18 and launched a successful business while still in her teens. Kylie is not your typical teenager. She grew up really fast and I am not here to tell her what decisions to make.

However, I can tell you one of the hardest decisions to make is to decide whether or not you want to be a mother. 

When a woman first finds out that they are pregnant they eventually have to decide whether they want the baby or not and I am not here for the conversation on being mature enough to protect yourself.

The Backlash

In Kylie’s situation I feel like it was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.


As young as Kylie may be to you, she made a very mature decision by deciding to go through her pregnancy privately. That’s a plus for her in my book. Having a baby is stressful enough. Who wants to add additional stress while pregnant and we all know that all the money in the world cannot get rid of stress and negativity.


Another thing that I can tell all the naysayers is that pregnancy can really mature someone. You can really change in 9 mos. I am not saying that everyone does or that Kylie did but it can change you.


Lastly, motherhood really changes you.


A wise teacher once told me, motherhood doesn’t stop your dreams. It may slow things down but it doesn’t mean you can’t still be you.

I’m not here to bash Kylie or any mother for that matter. All I can do is congratulate her and welcome her to the mommy crew.  As though moming isn’t hard enough, so before you come for Kylie Jenner remember that she just started her journey in motherhood.

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