4 Trends To Try No Matter Your Size

When I first decided to write about these trends I was going to title it the perfect trends for new moms and all moms, but as I continued writing I realized that these trends were great for women of all sizes.

Growing up, I was never a fan of sweats. They just weren’t my thing, but once I saw Rasheeda wearing a pair of joggers with fishnets and stilettos I started sweating the sweat trend.

1. Joggers Are Bae Because …

  • They Are extremely Comfy
  • They Can Be Dressed up or down
  • The look great on all sizes
  • The material has the perfect stretch

My favorite jogger look is with stilettos, but you can wear them with cool sneakers and wedges as well. When I say joggers I am talking about sweat pants, tracks suits. I just love them all.

Outfit from Pnk Elephant

This is the type of outfit that you can do just about anything in them and still feel comfy. This is a feel good outfit. When wearing them right, you feel good cause you know you are serving slayage. They are easy to move around in as well.

2. Dope Blazers & Jackets

Trenchcoat from Forever 21
Pink Blazer and Boots from Just Fab


Notice I said dope not ordinary. Blazers and jackets can really transform your look and if they are the right color and material you can make a statement. I’m dying to try a blazer or jacket with a pattern too.


3. Oversized Anything

Brilliant Sweater from New York and Company
Oversized dress from eBay store

4. Dusters

Duster from Rainbow and boots from ShoeDazzle

Dusters saved me when I was pregnant and they are still saving me 2.5 months post baby. Let’s have a heart to heart about dusters. When I was pregnant I lost my butt. No for real, before Kairo, I didn’t have a butt but there was little hump, but the big belly somehow sucked in the butt so I would wear dusters to cover this insecurity. After Kairo, I started peeping rolls in my back. Dusters help me to feel more confident all while creating a polished look.


Comment below and let me know which trend you love and which one do you plan on trying?

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  1. I had one pair of joggers and I LOVED them. It seems difficult to find plus sized joggers. If I ever find some again I’ll definitely be buying them!

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